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Both Bruce and Matt come from family backgrounds involving civil service and community engagement.  On our website we've included legal resource materials for certain forms of self-help.

In addition to the information resources on our website, both attorneys donate time and legal expertise to local community organizations.  Here are some of the ways that Bruce and Matt engage with the community beyond work done by a typical criminal defense attorney:

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Local Politics

Bruce's connections with Los Angeles politics run deep.  Bruce has been engaged in campaign efforts involving California state and Los Angeles local races for over 30 years, regularly hosting events and assisting in strategic planning sessions for candidates for local office.  Many judges currently sitting on the bench in Los Angeles County know Bruce on a first-name basis as a result of his political efforts and reputation.

Speaking Engagements and Volunteering

Both Bruce and Matt's jobs include substantial elements of public speaking.  Bruce regularly receives invitations to guest speak for college lectures and social gatherings.  Matt's background as a teaching assistant also involved giving presentations and lectures.  Both attorneys work to give back to the community by sharing knowledge and volunteering time.

Internships and Mentoring

McGregor Law Corp. maintains an active internship program and offers job-shadowing opportunities for those considering careers in the legal field.  Matt got his start in the criminal justice field interning at the San Francisco Office of the Public Defender and Bruce sees mentor-ship as one of his main vocational callings.  Our Firm works to provide meaningful feed-back, training, and career advice for our interns.

If you are interested in more information about getting involved politically, in requesting Bruce or Matt speak at an event, or for exploring an internship opportunity we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

Community Engagement: Resources
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