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If you or a loved one are a veteran in need of support please take the time to look into these available resources.

This organization offers veterans with crisis helplines, listings of organizations that assist veterans with employment, housing and homelessness, health and addiction, social support, and transportation.

This resource offers specific locations for homeless services, job development, and case management/ recovery services/ transitional supportive housing for veterans.

The HUD-Vash Program in Los Angeles offers long-term case management, clinical/supportive services, and permanent housing help for homeless veterans.

The Veterans Service Center in Downtown Los Angeles (Skid Row) provides veterans with basic needs, such as food, AA/NA support, respite and detox beds, and wrap-around services that include three meals per day, showers, legal aid, housing, and laundry.

This resource provides support to veterans by filling in their ZIP code or state to find suicide prevention coordinators; community-crisis centers; VA Medical Centers that offer mental health care, diagnostics, homeless and alcohol/drug abuse programs, nursing home, and respite care, outpatient clinics that provide primary case, counseling, laboratory analysis, prescriptions, and radiology services; Veterans Benefit Administration Offices that offer services to veterans seeking benefits related to compensation, pension, home loans, disability, and employment; Vet Centers that offer readjustment counseling and outreach services to all veterans and their families.

This website offers veterans with a resource to jobs that are specifically hiring veterans. Veterans enter specifics: region, category, and type of job.

Veteran Resources: FAQ
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